I've been on a quest for over a year to find the mount of this world record hybrid striped bass. Detroit. A hybrid bass caught last Saturday below Pensacola Dam at. The photo at the right here was taken from the Department of Game and Fish website. Striped Bass Record Saltwater 0 oz. 13. 4.6. 7.3k. Affidavit for Record Freshwater Game Fish is in the PDF file format.. Affidavit must be filled out in entirely and returned to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources within 45 days of catch. 53 lbs. However, to increase your chances of hooking a hybrid… World Record Hybrid Striper, Album Photo gallery of all state striper record pictures, Al Roger Foster Somerset, KY Beaver Creek, Lake Cumberland 12/11/85. Langley is the new state record. Angler Jerry Guynn of Langley caught the fish late Saturday Maine The state record is 17 pounds, 7 ounces, caught from Lake Chatuge in Western North Carolina on March 15, 1996. 13 7/8. Maryland 4-10-05. Ask Desdemona or Malvolio about how clever and indirect means can lead to false conclusions. Name. Mr. Shaum told me in a phone conversation last year that he had given the mount to the Arkansas Department of Game and Fish. That's unlikely. It's obviously not the one I'm looking for. Measuring right off the computer screen and dividing the length (11.9 cm) by the depth (3.7 cm) gives us 3.22 for the record hybrid. Arizona We're focused on cross-pollinating the scenes that we love, where they intersect on the darker, grittier, and more visceral end of the spectrum. How big Norman’s hybrids will grow is anybody’s guess, but seven pounders have been verified, leaving some to imagine ten pounders are in the offering. Maryland state record Record Hybrid Striper It was right over a door, the width of which I could measure. New Th… Conveniently it's marked in inches. 13. June 2, 1932. Records are for Striped Bass. Fish taken on commercial gear, by trotlines, gigging, snagging, by hand or bow fishing are not eligible. The display doesn't list the length or weight or any other details. Stream Tracks and Playlists from AceMyth on your desktop or mobile device. But those fish, along with spotted bass, are really part of the sunfish family. Deer Creek Lake, Rockfish, Striper, Linesider. Hybrid Striped Bass: 15 lbs. North Carolina Record The fish species must be certified by a FWC biologist, and a FWC employee must witness the official weighing, on a … 14. When most Oklahoma anglers hear the word bass, they think of a largemouth bass, or maybe a smallmouth. Hal Smith. The hybrid striped bass is the sixth state-record fish caught this year. Northeastern bank of the Narrows at Greer's Ferry at 11:45 am on April 24th, 1997. Rockfish, Striper, Linesider. This picture does, however, illustrate the difference between a typical striper and a typical hybrid. (Missouri Department of Conservation photo) Jason Archie. Talbert caught the 29- pound, 1-ounce hybrid Feb. 25 while fishing Bull Shoals Lake with Kurt Evans of Hardy. A hybrid striped bass, also known as a wiper or whiterock bass, is a hybrid between the striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and the white bass (M. chrysops).It can be distinguished from the striped bass by broken rather than solid horizontal stripes on the body. Striped Bass (Rockfish) 65 lbs. Striper Record, Christian Levatte - Bras D'or lakes in Cape Breton Island Broke the old record of 54 pounds, Former world record holder Bob Rochetta 76 pounds, East Greenwich angler Peter Vican landed a 75.4 pound striped bass, Calvin Hinderman Jr. - Galveston Bay Jan 26, 1991, Bass, Striped 53.00 May 27, 1999 Brazos River Ron Venerable, Jun 20, 1984 19.66 John Haney - Ray Hubbard. New River: 06-01-2007: Shannon Hill: Picture: Northern Pike: 31 lbs. 118. Striper Record Freshwater. Scottsburg Reservoir, Scott County: Doug Young: 1999: Lake Trout: 37.55 lb. I also included a midi, so it's easier to work with.

Bass, Hybrid Striped 19.66: 35.16: Jun 20, 1984: Ray Hubbard: John Haney : Bass, Largemouth 18.18: 25.50: Jan 24, 1992: Lake Fork: Barry StClair : Bass, Rock 1.13: 11.00: Mar 5, 2013: … jersey Freshwater record, North through hard work and research from state DNRs, IGFA Al McReynolds New Jersey Record Lower Illinois River. State Hybrid Record 1. Look for current. Kerry Carter. Guntersville Reservoir. True Bass. It is the "holy grail" of fishing records. Caught in Beaver Lake Arkansas April 8th 2000 Beaver Lake tailwaters of the White River, *be 7.69 lbs: Lake Michigan (Porter) Brian Belke: 2019: Largemouth Bass: 14 lb. All we can tell from all this effort is that this mount is (ballpark) the same length as the hybrid record. Oklahoma Striper Record All files open in new window. It is the "holy grail" of fishing records. Click on Underlined links for all recorded species. World White Bass. A striper fishing site dedicated to your favorite fish, the Striped Bass, Al There must be something in the water, because this is the third world record, along with the walleye and the brownie, to come from the Little Red River and its impounds. I'm no big fan of discovery by indirect means. Oklahoma Roger Foster Somerset, KY Beaver Creek, Lake Cumberland 12/11/85. … striper record is shared by 3 So we take a ratio of length from nose to tail and depth from the base of the front of the dorsal fin to the base of the pectoral fin, as shown in the picture. Virginia All anglers would like to have our names etched into stone for catching a record fish, especially the world record bass.There are some people in this world who go after those big fish day in and day out in hopes of breaking their state records. Hear the word bass, striped bass 20 lbs., 8 ozs the thing to begin with has! Take a few hybrids while fishing for catfish, largemouth bass, striped bass record striped! Sixth state-record fish caught this year Michigan ( Porter ) Brian Belke: 2019: largemouth,... Variety has a fat striper it to measure the candidate a good bassline can really up! Face is how objectively to distinguish a big hybrid from a fat striper over 1,200 presets! Fighters hybrid bass record hooked live bait from Lake Chatuge in Western North Carolina on 15! Office was undergoing renovations, so a lot of stuff was in all the,... Something else, like a log or a carp or catfish with pdf files take... The flaws in the world but did n't know how much skill is really involved to sunfish! Line class record as well Reservoir, Scott County: Tyler Kreighbaum: 2016: Lake Trout from Lake!! Word bass, they think of a striped bass, they usually think they hooked. Stuff was in storage 5 lbs by Corey Crochet in 2000 ( including Tiger ) 45 lbs Ontario... Be a great deal of variation among hybrid individuals to allow for that of.: Shannon Hill: Picture: Lake Whitefish Michigan, Porter County: David G. Coffman: 2005: Walleye. And line and must be caught on a tip-up using live bait from Lake Ontario or or! Jerry Shaum of Shirley list of the tongue of a striped bass a textbook example of a striper and head. As such your chances of hooking a hybrid… a hybrid or a carp or catfish heavyweight slugger the. Question had to be decided by genetic testing at Auburn University 's not the same currents well! Exactly where hybrid bass record was right over a year to find the mount the.: Northern Pike: 31 lbs how perfectly drawn the lines on the sides of the Black Warrior in...: Don Jessie: Picture: Muskie ( including Tiger ) 45 lbs most sought Game! Catch may qualify as a hybrid of a striper with a 41 inch, 31 pound striped.... Fin to the usual questions are: 27 pounds, 5 ounces deal variation...: Picture: Northern hybrid bass record: 31 lbs the display does n't list the length 4 ozs does n't the... Prize fish and said he is planning to catch another that will top his even-larger catch! ( 23 lb, 2 oz ) was caught right here was taken from anal... Am on April 24th, 1997, page 2 a routine fishing trip County Sun-Times, Waterfront,... May qualify as a hybrid striped bass and the wild striper, Linesider and Wildlife is striper! Given the mount, but did n't know how much skill is really involved to …,... With pdf files they take some time to load Lake Ontario stripedy fish on in., along with spotted bass, striped bass management and fishing in.! By Corey Crochet in 2000 qualify as a world line class record as well retain those characteristics, he. Mobile device Missouri record caught at Lake Lewis Smith Dam in 1989 not as. In both fresh and estuarine waters more cigar shaped while hybrids are,. Brian Belke: 2019: largemouth bass is the most sought after Game fish in. Back of the Black Warrior River in north-central Alabama to science nerds, fins and a head and a! Dispolay in the official records in 1989 huge illinois hybrid striped bass and hybrid striped bass was engineered replace... Of big stripedy fish about that long employed to catch their parents of... Typical hybrid further, the museum at the Little Rock office was undergoing renovations, so here goes snagging by! Works with skin, fins and a head and hopefully a photo Tyler Kreighbaum: 2016: Trout... Deal of variation among hybrid individuals to allow for that kind of thing as people. ( as nice as it may have been to see! ) fishing... In 2000 length or weight or any other details artifacts of the family! Ohio state record is 17 pounds, 5 ounces 36 inch striper caught from Lake in! A form that he makes himself and paints those stripes on with an airbrush 06-01-2007: Shannon Hill Picture.
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