When the host actually gets around to talking about Socrates, he makes unsupported assertions (some more dubious than others). "A Guide to Happiness" - Socrates on Self-Confidence (video 24 mins) We tend to accept that people in authority must be right. I'm aware of the reports, but I'm going to allow this. Socrates on Self-Confidence - Philosophy - A Guide to Happiness Philosophy - A Guide To Happiness: Socrates on Self-Confidence. Socrates on Self-Confidence—Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness Share. Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness. Philosophy promised something that might sound a little naïve, but was in … This copy has accurate subtitles and closed captioning for hearing impaired and ESL students. From the book and series by Alain de Botton. With Alain de Botton, Jonathan Aitken, Bill Clinton. Socrates on self-confidence, part of Alain de Botton’s documentary A Guide to Happiness, based on his book The Consolations of Philosophy. In his six-part video series, Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness, de Botton tells us that he’d always looked to philosophy as a discipline that “has wise things to say about everyday worries…. The majority of this video really has nothing to do with philosophy. A video about author Socrates - 2488 views - 0 people liked it. His latest thought piece, Religion for Atheists, explores what secular movements like education and the arts can learn from religious concepts and delivery formats. Socrates has a unique place in the history of happiness, as he is the first known figure in the West to argue that happiness is actually obtainable through human effort. Finally, in support of your argument, please refer to specific passages in the video (Alain de Botton’s “Socrates on Self-Confidence—Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness,” available on YouTube via the link below) as well as to your own life experiences and observations. Socrates believed everyone, regardless of their education or background in philosophy, has the duty to scrutinize and reflect on their life, and is surprisingly capable of doing so. Philosophy - A Guide to Happiness: Socrates on Self-Confidence. However, Socrates disagreed with these answers, and also believed this view to be extremely harmful. (via Open Culture) But, that being said, there is some material here that viewers might find interesting. It’s this assumption that Socrates wanted us to challenge by urging us to think logically about the nonsense they often come out with, rather than being struck dumb by their aura of importance and air of suave certainty. Directed by Celia Lowenstein. All human beings naturally strive after happiness, thought Socrates, for happiness is the final end in life and everything we do we do because we think it will make us happy. ... Alain shows how the ancient Athenian philosopher Socrates (470 -399BC) can help us acquire all the intellectual self-confidence … He was born in Athens, Greece in 460 BC; like most ancient peoples, the Greeks had a rather pessimistic view of human existence. Watch this film to understand the mind of a true philosopher. We just need to overcome laziness and timidity to be able to work out what we really think, and stand by it … A compelling three part presentation by Alain de Botton about the philosophy of Socrates and how what he believed in his time, still rings profoundly true today.