Some experts see the latest fighting as part of Ukraine's desire to put Donbass back on the international agenda. Aleksandr Skubchenko, head of the Housing Union of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook that Russia is armed with serious weapons, which, in particular, were presented at the parade held in Moscow on June 24th, and it is obvious that Ukraine is not fighting against this army in Donbass. Copied. Ukraine will push for the Donbass region to … On the way to the base, Semenchenko reported to the interior ministry staff advisor Anton Gerashenko about the number of “bearded Chechens” fighting in Donbass … The Donbass fighters have not waged war against the regime, but forces of the regime have waged war on the young Donbass republics. Palmieri is one of Italian volunteers who came to Donbass to fight alongside the pro-independence militias. As Carugati's case suggests, the mercenaries fighting in Ukraine appear to have at least some support among Italy's ruling elite. And that should … The Donbass would then play the same retrograde role it has played in Ukrainian politics since independence in 1991. Fighting and Military situation In Donbass – Update. Lugansk battle has Canadians fighting in Donbass. Thanks again for watching! The FRN Daily News Brief 2020-12-12 ; The FRN Daily News Brief 2020-12-11 ; The Empire Doubles Down: Open Society Foundations Will Now Be Run by Lord Malloch Brown ; The FRN Daily News Brief 2020-12-10 ; The British Hand Behind America’s Color Revolution: Soros and Lord Malloch Brown ; Why China is … 13.06.2017 15:22 . If you'd like to support my work, have a question, email me at - and please do leave a comment, get involved! Ukraine, battling Russian-backed separatists, is the only European country at war. Share . All have a story to tell, as poignant as the one Palmieri witnessed next to his position. Colonel Mikail Tolstoy, colloquially known in Donetsk by his call sign “Givi” will be tried in absentia by the Kiev government for alleged crimes committed in Slavyask, Ilovaisk and Donetsk city in 2014 and early 2015, according to Russian languages news accounts. The war in the Donbass region of the Ukraine has been ongoing since 2014 when groups known as the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) broke from the Ukraine. A ceasefire agreement in 2015 staunched the worst of the fighting but international OSCE monitors still record ceasefire violations. Zelenskiy came to … The fight in Donbass is a fight for freedom, it is a fight among democratic activists who are fighting for their young republics (Donetsk and Lugansk) against a Ukrainian regime that refuses to give them their freedom. The Russian and Ukrainian Presidents spoke by phone Sunday afternoon ahead of a new ceasefire in the Donbass. Fighting in separatist-held Ukraine threatens peace process. Since 2014 there has been an ongoing war in Donbass, which has claimed thousands of lives. Armoured vehicles near Donetsk. Thomas Wintle Europe;Ukraine. A ceasefire agreement in 2015 staunched the worst of the fighting but international OSCE monitors still record ceasefire violations. More than 10,000 people have been killed in this persistent conflict; 2,800 were civilians. Here are 10 facts about the little-known war in Donbass: When the DPR and the LPR broke from the Ukraine in 2014 they created a federation called Novorossiya, yet the region is still more … Ukraine, Western countries and NATO accuse Russia of sending troops and heavy weapons to prop up separatist fighters in Donbass, a charge that Moscow has denied. R ussell Bentley arrived in Donbass in December last year, convinced that the future of humanity depended on the Russia-backed rebels defeating the … In the Donetsk People's Republic,… In 2017, Austrian photographer Florian Rainer and Austrian reporter Jutta Sommerbauer traveled to Donbass, the region of eastern Ukraine that has been the scene of intense fighting … In eastern Ukraine, society begins to degrade as the effects of propaganda and manipulation begin to surface in this post-truth era. Donbass is an industrial center and is known for coal mining. It is dedicated to the fighting in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, which began in April 2014. PR dla Zagranicy Roberto Galea 26.04.2017 15:46 The conflict between Ukrainian government forces and the pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine has intensified, the Ukrainian army has said. A fighter of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic holds a weapon on the separation line near Staromykhailivka. When asked why they do it, they say "to help the local people". Russia denied doing this and has described the Russian citizens fighting with the Donbass People's Militia as volunteers. Written by Chris Covert exclusively for SouthFront. Czech and Slovak volunteers fighting in Donbass on the side of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic have announced the formation of a joint Czech-Slovak fighting unit, a statement on the Slovak Facebook page of the 'International Brigade 15' has announced. Fighting in Donbass escalating: Ukrainian army. The war in Donbass is a paradox. Deadly fighting in eastern region marks some of heaviest clashes since renewal of peace process last year. (Credit: … Skripnik’s sentence came a month after a regional court in Germany sentenced 48-year-old Sergei Kiselev to 2.3 years’ imprisonment for training to fight in the war in Donbas, with the evidence of his active part in fighting against Ukraine currently being studied by Germany’s Prosecutor General. The battles of WWII are being revisited between nationalists (Axis) and Soviets(Allies). Ukraine will push for the Donbass region to be demilitarised as a precursor to holding elections there. The project "Pain of Donbass" is created SOLELY to show the HARSHNESS and SENSELESSNESS of the war. An American Mercenary Fighting on the Side of Ukraine Was Killed in Donbass July 16, 2020 Ollie Richardson Comments 0 Comment The People’s Militia of the DPR found out that the saboteur who was transferred to the Ukrainian side yesterday and who was blown up on a mine on July 13th, was a mercenary from the United States. The war in Donbass has been at the heart of a divided Ukraine since fighting erupted in 2014, pitting armed groups sympathetic to Moscow in the largely industrial eastern region against Western-backed forces aligned with Kiev. Political tensions would increase, East … Ukraine wants Belarus to extradite 28 people suspected of fighting in Donbass conflict 31/07/2020 . Various media sources late this week reported that Kyiv's SBU sent the United States a 30-page report detailing Russia's role in fighting in the Donbass. (Credit: Reuters) A fighter of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic holds a weapon on the separation line near Staromykhailivka. EPA ... Ukraine has been fighting separatists backed by … That is, a more flexible interpretation of the 2015 Minsk II agreement meant to end the fighting in the Donbass, with more careful treatment of Ukrainian concerns. The report indicates that militia fighters in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic are led by Russian Army general-majors Oleg Tsekov, Sergey Kuzovlev, and Roman Shadrin. Donate. With good reason, since western media have systematically ignored the locals' plight. How good is your grammar? Celebrities' remarks about love and heartbreak. The fighting was very close, Mr Tilling said, with soldiers having to do six-hour night watches to stop the enemy "running across the trenches at you". Even more disturbing are confirmed reports Canadian Army forces are present and involved in … Don’t miss the latest news, information and reports on the struggle and continuing fighting and incidents in Donbass. Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s Office already launched cases against more than 30 citizens of different states for fighting against Kiev in Donbass. The Trilateral Contact Group on July 17 in Minsk agreed a cease fire effective July 21. BREAKING: Significant Fighting Escalates in Donbass between Ukraine and DPR militaries. The Donbass region of eastern Ukraine is among Europe’s most deadly modern battlefields on which more than 13,000 people have been killed since 2014. In the campaign, you will play as different characters: a DPR militia member, a soldier of the armed forces of Ukraine, a Russian tank driver, and an American journalist. A pitched battle continues between the Lugansk People’s Militia and Kiev American backed forces fighting near Bakhmut in contested DMZ-gray zones not to be entered until the Minsk accords are settled. Share Lugansk, LNR. Follow RT for the news on industry and the economy in the Donbass region. Directed by Sergey Loznitsa. The fighting in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region is entering its fifth year. SITREP: MASSIVE SPIKE IN FIGHTING IN DONBASS, UKRAINE OFFENSIVE. Trending. With Tamara Yatsenko, Irina Zayarmiuk, Grigory Masliuk, Olesya Zhurakovskaya. The conflict has killed 13,000 people, displaced millions and … Ukrainian soldier killed, several wounded in Donbass flare-up. Trending.