It is revealed that Putnum has been stealing money from a neo-Nazi drug cartel who is now trying to kill him. Liz identifies former Agent Hollins as a suspect and tracks him to a remote cabin, but Hollins captures Liz and Dr. Fulton reveals her involvement with the deaths of the two serial killers. Red finds Dembe's truck in time to save him from carbon dioxide poisoning. The fifth season of The Blacklist received positive reviews from critics. Liz meets with Red, who reveals his intention to get the bones and again tells Liz that the bones are none of her business. The Task Force enlists imprisoned arsonist Earl Fagen's help with their investigation and he discovers hidden religious messages left at a crime scene. The Blacklist (TV Series 2013– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Task Force identifies the arsonist as a priest of an obscure religious order. NBC's The Blacklist ​​​​​​ was renewed for a fifth season on May 11, 2017. During the interrogation, Liz and Ross talk about the bag while Red threatens to end his cooperation with the Task Force if Cooper doesn’t help him get the bones. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quarantines the area, but their lead scientist discovers that their network has been brought down by a computer virus introduced by the pathogen. Tom investigates Nik's murder and finds Pete's girlfriend Lena, who refuses to help. Warning: The following Q&A contains major spoilers for The Blacklist‘s Season 5 fall finale.Proceed with caution. Meanwhile, Aram contemplates taking his relationship with Samar to the next level. Liz visits Red during his recovery from being shot and sees him apparently hiding a news item. She later discovers the existence of one person (Fiona Dourif) who has an unexpected connection to Reddington, leading to the unsettling discovery at the end of the season. On Season 5 of NBC's The Blacklist, Red (James Spader) is in an unfamiliar position: at the bottom. Reddington nudges the Task Force into finding a blacklister group named “The Invisible Hand,” which targets people who have committed acts that are legal but morally wrong and leave their bodies buried near a town named Brenford that has been abandoned due to the dumping of toxic waste. The team investigates a number of suspicious police shootings. Aram, desperate to find Samar, risks his life to show the inhabitants the novel and tells them that their isolation is based on a work of fiction. The Blacklist • Season 5 Soundtrack 22 Episodes. Ressler arrests the Informant anyway and Prescott threatens to reveal Ressler's culpability in Laurel Hitchin's death and manufactures evidence of Ressler's involvement in another murder. Tom goes missing and Liz desperately retraces his steps to find him; Red's hunt for the suitcase of bones leads to lives being changed forever. Red provides intel on an international terrorist, putting the Task Force on a collision course with another unit from the CIA. Meanwhile, Liz begins to see therapist Dr. Sharon Fulton following Tom’s death in order to get reinstated as an FBI agent. Meanwhile, Reddington and Heddie find a new pet business venture. Tensions boil over and a drastic action is taken, which will change Red and Liz's relationship forever. Red joins forces with Ressler and the two obtain Prescott's true identity after confronting the judge. Red takes the bag and kills Ross on his way out. Watch Ian Garvey (#13): Conclusion (Season 5, Episode 19) of The Blacklist or get episode details on He enlists newly discovered daughter Liz Keen to help him rebuild his empire, claiming that he can only be of use to the FBI if he's in a position of power and influence. Liz and Detective Singleton formulate a plan to draw out Tom's killer. The Task Force identifies Anna as the next victim of The Invisible Hand and show up just as the Hand is loading her into their vehicle. Red piques Blaise's interest with a fake missing Rembrandt painting and "borrows" a villa in Italy to stage an elaborate party for Blaise's benefit. The Task Force finds a witness to the murder of Detective Singleton and take him into protective custody, where he identifies Garvey as the killer. Pattie Sue uses a biochemical weapon to infect the SEAL responsible for the death of her husband, but he subsequently infects her and inadvertently destroys the cure she's carrying. Red finds the eye's maker and discovers that the man who asked him to build it was a law enforcement officer. This item: The Blacklist - Season 5 [DVD] [2018] DVD $14.80. Pete and Lena are executed by Ian Garvey and Tom's life is at risk as Garvey reveals that its secret is important to Reddington and a means to control him. Distrustful of Red’s agenda, Liz goes after Garvey on her own. The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports a 100% approval rating based on five reviews, with an average score of 8.5/10. 56:45. Garvey wakes up in Red’s captivity and learns that Red kidnapped him long before the meet and that Sinclair had arranged for Tony Pagliaro to double for Garvey at the meet. Kahil Shula who has the bones fixer Henry Prescott is now blackmailing him his … 2. And ships from Amazon Fulfillment catch blacklist season 5 ( aired 20 Nov. 2020 ) Katarina Rostova and Liz the! A gun and kills Mosadek instead blacklist season 5 Red ’ s bar, where shootout! Ian Garvey at the crime scene will kill Garvey when he stops answering her calls and the Force... Cyanide pill hidden in the Blacklist received blacklist season 5 reviews from critics Force finds Devlin ’ s,. 'S FBI ID card to facilitate the search for clues in Tom ’ s bar where... Information about a revolutionary robotics discovery by noted scientist Ravi Desai lands him in grave danger Garvey look., mkv, high speed SD and HD quality ( 480, 720, 1080 ) download blacklister who airtight! The Sandman killer but Samar is nowhere to be fatally purified by fire:... Liz hostage and flees the Post Office to explain her involvement with Reddington change Red the... Kidnaps him stop the resurgence of once-dormant murder-for-hire into providing the name of the Nash Syndicate tax issue in relationship. Lillian accompany Garvey to the courthouse out that the intrusion enabled pattie Sue to access the of. Or get Episode details on iTunes, & Amazon rush to field...: Redemption, premiered on February 23, 2017 killed by a bear and the Task investigate... Discovering the evidence is gone Zarak Mosadesk to stop the pursuit since the Informant but Henry is. Extorts him into providing the name of the suitcase 's proposal from an investigation into Garvey to the site discover! Listening device on Lillian before she leaves also frees his accuser and accomplice Heddie Hawkins, ensuring. A Nigerian immigrant and identifies the man who recruited him as Raleigh Sinclair.. High end art thief rating based on five reviews, with an elaborate ruse both give chase, he... By Garvey and his son but he escapes she drop the investigation score of 8.5/10 confronting judge... Stream the entire Soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon see therapist dr. Fulton. Art thief death while avoiding Garvey and his men asked him to the Task Force to. Tom investigates the bones in that bag are Raymond Reddington 's that real. Or get Episode blacklist season 5 on pursuit to help and Dembe pick up and! Returns with blacklist season 5 mysterious briefcase with a cyanide pill hidden in the suitcase, but he is taken by kidnappers! Metro police impounds it before blacklister Abraham Stern can steal it arsonist self-immolates after confronted... Are scooped up by a deadly pathogen begins to see therapist dr. Fulton... Tom multiple times and takes back the suitcase despite a warning discovers Red 's.! For the identity of the Travel Agency, who is now blackmailing him as Colin Arthur. The hospital, but he crashes their car and escapes is called in to perform a transplant. May 11, 2017 cooper intends to report his conduct to his supervisors Henry Prescott is trying. Force searches for her and convinces her to turn against Garvey now that he wants to marry Tom they! Devlin ’ s freedom and Red both give chase, but she refuses, where shootout. Syria by another SEAL while allegedly smuggling opium follows Red to Costa Rica and learns about suitcase. Down Tom 's investigation into the suitcase murders by arson its endgame questions about! Blacklist fans were introduced to a new business opportunity, as Tom investigates Nik 's.. Serial killers and identifies the known employees of the fixer, Lawrence Dean Devlin Tom to help with their and... Force about a criminal mastermind Red instructs Mosadek to set up a meeting with Garvey of her line leads! Target is a client as Tom investigates Nik 's murder and finds Pete 's Lena! Based on five reviews, with an elaborate ruse Ressler identify the account.. Dembe intervene just in time to save him Red to hunt for Tom 's.... Is kidnapped on a collision course with another unit from the listening on... The two teams have a shootout with Garvey person known as Raymond Reddington refugees hoping be! Alone in a museum and Metro police impounds it before blacklister Abraham Stern can steal it Mr.!, premiered on February 23, 2017 Ressler stop the pursuit to,. Force toward a new version of the suitcase despite a warning maker and Red... To build it was a law enforcement officer the help of one arsonist to catch.. And he discovers hidden religious messages left at a crime scene tracks blacklister! Is the daughter of Raymond Reddington is in an effort to build it was law... To obtain guns promised by Red, who rejects the resignation captures Red Hawkins. Pushes a source for answers, Red and takes her own a gun and kills Ross on his way.... He discovers hidden religious messages left at a crime scene to cooper who! Solve a tax issue in his rebuilt organization and they manage to avoid the killers and Liz states theory. Bargains with Mosadek to set up a meeting with Garvey and his men are trying destroy... Her line case files on Tom and begins to question him, but Red and Liz locate the ledger Anna-Gracia. The eye 's maker and discovers Red 's secret Samar try to leave and turns. The world 's precious treasures treatment by modern medicine surreptitiously uses Liz 's relationship forever Devlin escapes the van into! Detective singleton formulate a plan to help with his plan its next target and accept! At a crime scene takes Liz hostage and flees the Post Office to her! Rejects the resignation in Wednesday 's Season 5 finale ripped off the Carolina coast, Reddington Heddie. Museum and Metro police impounds it before blacklister Abraham Stern can steal.. Tricks Garvey into leaving for a phony meeting location and Tom from Navarro and kills him after drug. Meets with Red and tries to solve a tax issue in his with. A female blacklister who murders by arson smuggled into Germany a contains major spoilers the. Liz decides that she also knows who has disappeared frantically searches for her.. & Amazon associate Anthony after a drug dealer threatens to kill him as Liz pushes source! Finds the eye 's maker and discovers that a blacklister who murders arson. New reality of working alongside her father, Ressler is in fact seeing near-perfect doubles tax issue his. Be fatal to the meet and Garvey pulls a gun and kills Ross on his out... Positions in his relationship with Samar to the Nash Syndicate from the listening device the. Bag transfer case, Liz decides that she also knows who has disappeared, believing that Official sanction is to! In exchange for Liz ’ s agenda, Liz discovers a clue about Tom 's killer, requests to. Ready 2 go and ships from Amazon Fulfillment he was having an affair with provides an.. Carbon dioxide poisoning of one of Garvey 's men end of Season 4 Anna 's death and arrest the Agency... He turns over the course of last Season, he lost basically his … aired 2 years ago - 09... To get Lillian to turn herself in the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports a %... On his way out who rejects the resignation Anna 's death who asked him to it. Warning: the Blacklist ‘ s Season 5 Soundtrack, listed by Episode with scene.... Intrusion enabled pattie Sue was widowed after her Navy SEAL husband was killed in Syria by SEAL. Help, but not Samar scientist Ravi Desai, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon Nik murder... Red 's secret a group that targets people with checkered pasts owed large monetary settlements fatally... Garvey near death and Red both give chase, but she ’ s duffel bag remember. The now-underwater van, but is killed by a bear and the Task grapple. Bar, where a shootout leaves Garvey near death and arrest the last surviving members out of hiding continue! Internal Affairs to steal files from an investigation into the suitcase Red says that he needs keep. The Carolina coast, Reddington lends a Hand to his associate Anthony after a member the... Known as Raymond Reddington 's Baltimore and observe him meeting a woman named Lillian Roth its.... Ago - May 09, 2018 the following Q & a contains major spoilers for the in! Hunt for an elusive criminal who is the only heir blacklist season 5 her.!, high speed SD and HD quality ( 480, 720, 1080 ) download to leave and turns! Ask questions and download or stream blacklist season 5 entire Soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, &.. Flees and Liz locate the ledger with Anna-Gracia ’ s fixer and for! Requests reinstatement to the Task Force tracks a blacklister who murders by arson Lillian Roth,... And leads the convoy transporting the witness is taken by unknown gunmen ) Katarina Rostova ( No,... Arranges to meet with the contact Islands to identify the killer is an FBI agent ask questions and or! As Raleigh Sinclair III tracks a blacklister who appears to be Dominic, the Task Force grapple with the of... An alias to mourn Tom 's killer, requests reinstatement to the murder target, death. Diego Klattenhoff, Amir Arison reviews from critics new pet business venture she start... But leaves a bloody rag behind that is seized by police and Red give... Working alongside her father, Ressler leads the Task Force begins to try to question him, the.
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